by: Victor

Once upon a time friends of my good mate “Smate“, started to work for Ticket To The Moon hammocks on “the island“. Not just any island—Bali—a magical place where the story will get to the point—hang in there ;)

Smate, 2 other friends, and I decided to travel to another island, the beautiful island of Sardinia, to enjoy our new hammocks and listen to the finest drum and bass at the Sun and Bass Festival. We found an absolutely amazing hammock spot with twisted trees on the coastline to chill and relax in our king-sized hammocks. After doing the same thing for the 2 following years, my friends decided not to go there anymore. So I just went by myself, knowing I would make new friends.

And again. There. At this mind-blowing, very windy, perfect hammock spot, all alone in nature. The hammock has a little side pocket where I put a heavy rock inside to close the hammock to be in it, like in a cocoon. The strong winds can't get you in there because the hammock is made out of parachute material, and the wind just blows aerodynamically over you. Waking up to the sunrise after a night of the sound of crushing waves and howling wind, I got out of the hammock like a butterfly, spreading my wings. It was like I was reborn.

This place is my holy place. There, the seed was planted to go to Bali to do my Yoga Teacher training.

I had to return to this fantastic place in Sardinia and share it with my new friends. So I brought 5 new hammocks in a little black backpack the following year to the island.

We had such a great time.

When I was in Cape Town, South Africa, the black backpack was very handy for my mountain hikes.

I made a new friend from the Netherlands; his name is Neils, and he just started travelling the world. I felt like giving him my backpack as a goodbye gift.

Although I loved the backpack very much, I knew he would need it at some point, and I could get a new one 'somewhere'. A couple of months later, when I was in Bali, after my yoga teacher training, I went by myself to explore the fascinating nature of Bali. Especially waterfalls were on my list. While I was hiking for 6 hours through the rice fields to the Aling Aling waterfall with my guide, suddenly the backpack came to mind, and I thought I should find one before I left the island. All of a sudden, right after this thought, there was a tiny shop in the middle of the jungle, and they actually had one Ticket to the Moon backpack waiting for me there. Now my backpack is red and not black anymore. That's how things change!

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