Upcycling and Repair


We aim to minimize our footprint on the planet by prioritizing local sourcing, focusing on resource-efficient production, and investing in innovative upcycling methods. This includes the production of durable, high-quality products with a strong ecological value, as well as considerations for local value creation and packaging design. Additionally, all residual materials are utilized in our upcycled collection or recycled into new fabrics. 

Every leftover material finds new life in our Upcycled Collection or is recycled into fresh fabrics. Explore sustainable practices and make a difference today.


You can also make an important contribution by treating your product well, repairing it if necessary or, in the worst case scenario, turning it into something completely new.
High Quality & Long-term Warranty
Our products are distinguished by durable and high-quality materials, which is why we offer you a manufacturer's warranty of 10 years for production and material defects.
Product Care & Longevity
Disposable society is a thing of the past! To further extend the lifespan of your hammock and other products, below are essential tips for proper handling and care.
Repairs & DIY Upcycling
Give your favorite product a second life by repairing it or creating something entirely new with our upcycling guides.


Our long-term warranty applies to our entire range. If you're not satisfied with any of our products, contact us or return the item to your retailer. If it indeed falls short of our high-quality standards, we will repair it, exchange it, or refund the purchase price.


Ever wondered what happens to a defective product afterward? It goes straight to our repair workshop - where we sew and glue with all our might! With great care, we do everything possible to extend the lifecycle of the item and operate in an environmentally friendly manner. Right after, it joins our flea market inventory and is offered to you as B-grade goods in our shop in Vienna. Excluded from warranty coverage? No problem! We're still happy to repair your favorite product for you or, upon request, send you a home repair kit. For more information, follow this link. If, through remote diagnosis, we determine that a repair is futile, you can either showcase your upcycling talent and take matters into your own hands (check out our TTTM tips), or you can donate the fabric. If you choose the latter, we'll provide you with a free shipping label. Your retired product then embarks on a journey to one of our selected partner businesses, where it's transformed into something new. As a thank you, you'll not only receive a generous dose of karma but also a 20% discount on your next purchase with us.


By following the following guidelines, there's nothing standing in the way of a long and happy relationship with your hammock!

  • Avoid sharp and pointed objects
  • Avoid prolonged exposure of your hammock to direct sunlight
  • Keep away from fire, embers, and cigarettes
  • Ensure that your hammock swings "off the ground" (> 40cm)
  • When possible, take off your shoes.

Love your Hammock
Caring for Accessories and Products Properly

Continuous exposure to UV radiation can cause the colors of your hammock to fade and may damage the fabric over time. To counteract this, we recommend using our Sleeve - allowing you to leave your hammock outside for longer periods without worry. In addition to our Sleeves, we also recommend the environmentally friendly products from Nikwax. Not only do they possess dirt and odor-repellent properties, but with regular use, they also enhance the fabric's durability. Use the code TTTM to get a 20% discount on all care and waterproofing products in Nikwax's online shop. If your hammock gets dirty during your adventures, no problem! All our products can be machine-washed at 30 degrees (gentle cycle) or hand-washed. Use a mild detergent and remember to remove the hooks or carabiners before washing. For our Lightest hammocks and mosquito nets, we additionally recommend using a laundry bag. Afterward, simply hang the hammock outside to air dry.

We are proud of our high quality and durable products. They are your reliable daily companions and are made for intensive use. But even the best product breaks at some point. Extend your product's life!


    Give your favorite product a second life by repairing it or creating something completely new with our upcycling instructions. Local tailors can fix small holes on bags and straps

    Nylon fabric is extremely durable. Small holes or burns can be repaired with our repair patches. We offer free patches at our headquarters in Vienna or will be happy to arrange a remote diagnosis for you.

    You can do a number of repairs yourself with a little bit of craftsmanship. If you enjoy sewing and repairing and want to save yourself the hassle of sending things in and unnecessary waiting times, try our “do-it-yourself” repair instructions on iFixit.

    If the product can't be repaired, we offer you a 40% coupon and we make upcycled bags, teddy bears, etc. out of them.


NEME COMPANY - is a sustainable clothing company that upcycles old clothes and other materials to create new fashion collections. They want their customers to feel confident and empowered in their clothing. Ticket To The Moon is proud and supports this sustainable project!