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Suspension Rope & Swivel Carabiner
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MoonChair - The Flexible Hammock Chair for EXPLORERS!

While little beats the comfort of lying in your hammock, your next adventure may call for something a little different. We created our MoonChair as a trail-ready alternative to its horizontal cousins, letting you relax in a number of unique ways. It's a vertical hanging and portable chair that's just as easy to setup as our Travel Hammock. As a bonus, the MoonChair only requires a single anchor point - perfect for solutions where options are limited.

You'll float comfortably above the ground, enjoying nature's greatest benefits without worrying about water and insects. Our chairs look great hanging in the garden or on the front porch. They're also an excellent indoor-seating option. No matter how you use it, the MoonChair will always provide a soothing escape from life's stresses.

Our MoonChairs are handmade and customizable based on your color preference.

Parachute nylon provides excellent comfort and safety
The parachute fabric we use in our products delivers exceptional strength, while providing unparalleled comfort and lightness. Our elastic and breathable fabric is OEKO-TEX®Standard 100 certified, ideal for all users with allergies and sensitive skin. 

Dependability for all situations
TICKET TO THE MOON's products have been tested in all climates worldwide to ensure they exceed our adventures' lofty standards. Our products install and disassemble in under a minute. Wet environments, rocky terrain, forested regions, and more are perfect for MoonChair. Whether you're globetrotting or hitting the road, your chair will be an amazing companion. Our products are environmentally friendly, letting you enjoy your surroundings without them.

Choose your size 
We offer three MoonChair models: our standard MoonChair version, the Mini MoonChair and the Premium one (Home Hanging Chair). The original MoonChair will accommodate most users, while our mini is perfect for children weighing up to 60kg. Your chair comes completely packed and ready for installation, with a rope and carabiner. It includes side pockets for your accessories, and comes with a handy carrying pouch.

A Commitment to Global Betterment
Our customers take only memories and leave only footprints, and our mission is the same. TICKET TO THE MOON uses recycled materials, turning extra fabrics into beautiful products. Fair trade and global good are central to what we do. Through the TICKET TO THE MOON Foundation, we also support local tribes in East Indonesia. Our community roots mean the world to us. No matter what, we aim to be an ethical company with a heart bigger than our Mammock Hammock.
  Weight Max.

Mini 1kg 60kg ø 2.4 cm 60x10cm
1.7kg 120kg ø 2.4 cm 98x15cm
Premium 2kg 120kg - 98x15cm
Premium Wooden Bars: 3x4 cm + ø 2.4 cm
  Weight Max.

Mini 1kg 60kg ø 2.4 cm 60x10cm
1.7kg 120kg ø 2.4 cm 98x15cm

Lifestyle Product: MINI MOON CHAIR

  • Weight: 1kg
  • Max Load: 60kg
  • Aluminium Tubing: ø 2.4 cm
  • Packed Size: 60x10cm
Based on our full-size Moon Chair, the Mini Moon Chair provides suspended seat will offer the same pressure relieving qualities to children under 12 years; give your kids hammock chair they’ll love. Because many of you are traveling with your family, we have created a smaller version of the Moon Chair: a foldable, easy to transport hanging chair that replaces a high chair when traveling or camping. The Mini Moon Chair is handmade and tailored to your design. Strong and durably built using aluminum bars and stainless steel rings, the hanging chair is both lightweight and comfortable. The adjustable seating angle makes it the ideal place for a quick break or the occasional nap. Parachute nylon for comfort and safety Our products are designed around high grade parachute nylon, making them strong and breathable to provide instant relaxation to your children. The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified fabric we use , is hypoallergenic and gentle to the skin. Pockets on the sides of the chair keep a drink bottle or gadget in arm’s reach and conveniently hold the storage bag.

Lifestyle Product: MOON CHAIR

  • Weight: 1.7kg
  • Max Load: 120kg
  • Aluminium Tubing: ø 2.4 cm
  • Packed Size: 98x15cm
This is probably the coolest chair you ever sat in and we'll tell you why. It’s a vertical hanging and portable chair that’s just as easy to setup as our Travel Hammock. More so, It's comfortable, made from lightweight, fast drying, mildew resistant, parachute material, it won't rot so it can live outside for the summer. It's adjustable and has a footrest. This chair will leave you hanging but in a good way. The rope used is all nautical quality and the stitching is super strong. It's machine washable, just untie the four corners. By pushing the rope through the rings the angle of the chair can be adjusted, get a bit more laid back why not? Due to its bucket seat style this chair has proved very popular with parents of special needs children. The set is complete with its carrying case, a footrest, suspension rope and a 10kN carabiner. Our handcrafted hammocks and chairs TICKET TO THE MOON are tested under extreme conditions and to ensure your ultimate comfort and safety, we exclusively use high-grade parachute silk. You will not only see but especially feel the difference to conventional and mechanically produced products.

Lifestyle Product: HOME HANGING CHAIR

A silk nylon seat and polished teak bars, this hanging chair bears TICKET TO THE MOON signature: a neat hand-finish for optimal comfort in the garden and the indoors. Comfortably installed in your chair, the footrest guarantees a state of well-being and total relaxation.


Customer Reviews

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Alexander Adams
fav spot to relax

This chair has become my favorite spot to relax. It's easy to set up, very comfortable, and looks great in my garden. Highly satisfied with my purchase :)

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