by: Fathia - Indonesia

In 2019 Me & Aradhea traveled to a Remote Island called “Sumba” located in East Nusa Tenggara - Indonesia. The island has gained a lot of popularity and although it has been getting popular, it is still considered an off beaten path destination. With limited accommodation options (and most options are luxury resorts & hotels) we thought it would be better to do it backpacking way and use our Lightest TTTM Hammock instead.


We have a very close connection with TTTM Team in Bali and FYI TTTM built a Foundation in Sumba since 2006 to help the locals improve their life conditions (There were no electricity, no water in the area) and we decided to stay at their accomodation to contribute and learning about Sumba culture. 


Sleeping in traditional Sumbanese house with no walls, cool sea breeze around us, we felt so lucky to sleep with the lightest tttm hammock & the mosquito nets only. We set up our hammock inside the hut at first but decided to move our hammock outside to feel closer to the nature. 


We really love the lightest hammock it is packed really small, yet still provide comfortability. And the mosquito net is protecting us from bugs and this set up is perfect if you’re planning to travel to wild places without over carrying camping gears and very easy to set up (perfect for tiny girls like us).


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