Ambassador Program

Interested in becoming one of our Ambassadors and representing the Tribe?

If you are a Traveler, Blogger, Social Media Influencer, Adventurer, Community Leader or KOL, who likes to connect with people and share your outdoor adventures, bring your TICKETTOTHEMOON product and your enthusiasm:
You may be the right person to be part of the TICKETTOTHEMOON Affiliate Program.
By being a TICKETTOTHEMOON Ambassador, you will receive a promotional code that you can share.
Customers who buy on our website with your code will GET 10% OFF their order!

As soon as your code is used for purchases, you GET 10% of the total value credited to your Ambassador account. You can then receive a PayPal payout from us after 30 days. If you want to purchase new TICKETTOTHEMOON products on our site, your personal discount code gives you 10% OFF as well.

Become an Ambassador by click Sign Up below & filling out the form in the next page, or you can Sign In if you have an account already.
Qualified candidates will be contacted by members of our tribe, and you will have the privilege of receiving a discount code that you can pass on to your followers.
It will allow you to increase your rewards as people use it.

Please don't forget to quote:
1) Why are you the ideal person, the one we are looking for?
2) Your occupation or 'field of interest' in the note!

Concernable occupations include:
Blogger | Influencer | Traveler | Adventurer | Community Leader/KOL