When you heard about camping, images of setting up tent in the middle of nowhere, gazing the stars, and sitting around a campfire will come to your mind almost instantly. Camping nowadays, however, has changed. While you can still enjoy the same activities as conventional tent-campers do, camping today offers different alternative you can try. It’s more practical, it’s lightweight. It’s hammock.

Hammock camping doesn't require special navigation for assembling the frame of tent or staking down the poles. You’re no longer bound to find that perfect flat ground. Camping with hammock allows many room for manoeuvre and adaptability, even for groundless camping. Hammock camping highlight simplicity, from packing to setting it up. It significantly needs less room in your bag, weight less than tent equipment, and require low effort to set it up in the camping grounds. While bigger tents automatically consume more time for set up and figuring out the poles, bigger hammock will just need equal set up time with the short one.

All you need to do is to find two strong trees (or poles, stones, or even sling of rope, depend on your camping environment) between 2 to 3 meters to attach your hammock. Just make sure that your hammock is not overly stretched, forming a good smiley-like sag in the middle, and you are good to go.

Yet, what makes hammock camping so cool is their high flexibility. Seriously, you can literally hanging out everywhere, as long as you are willing to fall from such height. Instead of solid ground, you can sleep as comfortably above small river, high above the cliff, or up above a town. Its removal to the earth open up wilder possibility to lay your head that you never could have done with tent. New adventure open where your hammock hang. Pretty mind blowing, huh?

Hammock is exceptionally great for summer camping, as it allows plenty of air flow beneath and around your body, preventing the campers from getting sun-baked inside a tents. At night, you can literally sleep beneath the starry sky without any hinderance, while the hammock gently rock you to sleep.

Sleeping in open air, however, might not be for everyone. Some need mosquito net to shield themselves from itchy bites and disturbance of other insects. Some needs extra protection from the heating sun and chilling night air. And here’s, buddy, is the truest flexibility of a hammock. You can just use it as is, a la carte, or add other complementary gear according to your need. You can build your own perfect hammock camping with mosquito net for insect repellant, a tarp for protection under blazing sun or rainy days, under quilt to add warmth during the cold days, anything. Everything can be added and detached anytime you wish, according to your camping situation.

Hammock camping has stole many hearts, and converts ground campers into suspended sleepers.  From backyard sleeper to adrenaline junkie, hammock can swiftly sway your way.

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