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Ultra-light hammocks, perfectly cut for your adventures. Thanks to 25 years of experience, our Parachute Nylon Hammocks are the standard in when it comes to Travel Hammock. They are ideal for life as digital nomad, trekking through the wilderness or just for a nap in your garden with complete relaxation. TICKET TO THE MOON Travel Hammocks have been tested in all climates, around the world, they meet everyPro requirement for the most challenging terrain.

The hammock can be installed or taken down in less than a minute: if you are hiking, you will quickly be protected from moisture, small insects and reptiles, regardless of any slope on site. Comfort, strength and safety are at the heart of our design The nylon fabric we use to manufacture our products, brings strength and elasticity, the breathable fabric provides a feeling of lightness that you feel during your excursions. Furthermore, the handcrafted finish gives our Travel Hammock unparalleled levels of comfort safety. The fabric we use is certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, an extremely gentle hypoallergenic material that is skin-friendly for children and adults. Our Travel Hammock is a most useful solution for any journey or trip; you easily blend in with the environment while having minimal impact on the surroundings. This renders it a smaller, more practical and more portable ally than a tent with an inflatable mattress. Its smart Express Bag packaging means you can use your hammock also as a travel pillow: very practical on the train or the plane. By purchasing TICKET TO THE MOON products, you participate in the development of the TICKET TO THE MOON Foundation.
  Weight Length
Width Max Load Fabric L. B. S
Mini 315g 160cm 100cm 150kg 140cm 350kg
Compact 500g 320cm 144cm 200kg 300cm 380kg
Original 600g 320cm 200cm 200kg 300cm 380kg
King Size 700g 320cm 230cm 200kg 300cm 380kg
Honeymoon 1420g 500cm 300cm 300kg 480cm 760kg
Mammock 3420g 800cm 450cm 350kg 780cm 980kg
  • Length: Length Hook to Hook
  • Fabric L.: Fabric Length
  • B. S: Breaking Strength

Travel Hammock: MINI

  • Weight: 315g
  • Length Hook to Hook: 160cm
  • Width: 100cm
  • Max Load: 150kg
  • Fabric Length: 140cm
  • Breaking Strength: 350kg
Tiny Bliss: Mini Hammock – A Little Wonder for Little Ones
Meet the Mini Hammock – a delightful cocoon thoughtfully designed for the earliest chapters of life. This miniature haven isn't merely a hammock; it's a silent ally in the unpredictable journey of raising little ones. With just a gentle sway, it effortlessly injects an additional dose of tranquility into the bustling symphony of caring for tiny humans.

Parenting Zen in Every Sway
Close your eyes and imagine: a Mini Hammock gently cradling your little one, swaying rhythmically with the breeze. It's more than a baby accessory; it's a shared retreat for both parent and child. In those quiet moments of suspended serenity, you're not just witnessing your baby's calm; you're part of it. These are the moments that become cherished memories.

Beyond Parenthood Serenity: Keep your gear off the ground
While the Mini Hammock excels in creating serene moments for parenting, it's no one-trick pony. It seamlessly transforms into your organizational maestro when the baby is all snug. Need an innovative solution to keep your daily essentials off the ground? Enter the Mini Hammock – a multitasking marvel that moonlights as a sleek storage space. It's not just about parenting ease; it's about bringing functional style into the nursery.



Travel Hammock: The COMPACT One

  • Weight: 500g
  • Length Hook to Hook: 320cm
  • Width: 144cm
  • Max Load: 200kg
  • Fabric Length: 300cm
  • Breaking Strength: 380kg
Discover True Portability with Our Compact Hammock
Are you tired of compromising comfort for portability during your outdoor adventures? Our Compact Hammock, the perfect solution, seamlessly combines the luxury of relaxation with the convenience of portability. Embracing simplicity and comfort, it stands out as a beacon for those who seek tranquility without the fuss.

Embrace Simplicity, Embrace Comfort
In a world cluttered with complex outdoor gear, our Compact Hammock is more than just a hammock; it's an invitation to redefine how you unwind on your journeys. Picture yourself effortlessly setting up your hammock, transforming any location into your personal sanctuary. This minimalist haven is designed for those who seek serenity without the unnecessary complications.

Your Portable Oasis
Say farewell to cumbersome gear with our Compact Hammock – your portable oasis in a compact bag. Engineered to be light on your shoulders and heavy on relaxation, this hammock offers the freedom to relax whenever and wherever you desire. Unpack your oasis, hang it up, and immerse yourself in instant serenity.

Swift Setups, Immediate Enjoyment
Setting up your relaxation space shouldn't be a chore. With our Compact Hammock, enjoy the luxury of a quick and simple setup. No need for complicated instructions – just unpack, hang, and unwind. Transition seamlessly from the thrill of adventure to the bliss of relaxation in minutes.

Unmatched Features of the Compact Hammock
Crafted from high-quality, durable materials, our Compact Hammock ensures longevity without sacrificing comfort. It's the perfect companion for those who demand resilience and relaxation from their outdoor gear. Embrace the durability of materials designed to withstand the elements, providing you with a reliable cocoon of comfort.
Don't be deceived by its compact design; our Compact Hammock unfolds into a surprisingly spacious cocoon. Enjoy the feeling of unrestricted comfort as you kick back and savor the serenity of your surroundings. It's compact in transit, yet expansive in relaxation – the best of both worlds.



Travel Hammock: The ORIGINAL

  • Weight: 600g
  • Length Hook to Hook: 320cm
  • Width: 200cm
  • Max Load: 200kg
  • Fabric Length: 300cm
  • Breaking Strength: 380kg
Discover the Original Travel Hammock: Your Ultimate Outdoor Sidekick
Hey there, fellow adventure-seeker! Welcome to the realm where relaxation meets exploration. Picture this: you, lounging in absolute comfort, swaying gently in the breeze – that's what our Travel Hammocks are all about. And among our stellar lineup, one hammock reigns supreme: the legendary Original Hammock. It's not just a hammock; it's your ticket to chillaxation nirvana.

Unwind in Style with the Original Travel Hammock
Let's talk about comfort on a whole new level. We're talking about sinking into the plush embrace of our badass Original Hammock. Made for the bold and the free-spirited, it's like a personal VIP lounge in the great outdoors. Crafted with top-notch mater i8als, it's your cozy cocoon amidst the wilderness. So, whether you're chilling by the beach or camping under the stars, this hammock has your back – literally.

Adventure Awaits with the Outdoor Hammock
Ready to kick things up a notch? Meet our rugged Outdoor Hammock – your ultimate wingman for epic adventures. This bad boy can handle anything you throw at it, from impromptu beach parties to rugged mountain treks. It's lightweight, it's durable, and it's your ticket to off-the-grid bliss. So, pack your sense of adventure and let's go – the wilderness is calling, and this hammock is your VIP pass.

Travel Hammock: Your On-the-Go Oasis
Life's too short for boring adventures, right? That's where our sleek Travel Hammock comes in. Compact, portable, and ready for action, it's the ultimate travel companion for thrill-seekers like you. Whether you're backpacking through exotic locales or road-tripping to unknown destinations, this hammock is your trusty sidekick. Quick to set up, easy to pack – it's adventure, simplified.

Original Travel Hammock: Where Chill Meets Thrill
Join the league of chillers and thrill-seekers who've discovered the magic of our Original Hammock. It's more than just a hammock; it's a lifestyle statement. So, grab a cold one, kick back, and let the good times roll. With its unbeatable comfort and rugged charm, this hammock is your invitation to the ultimate adventure. Because when comfort meets adventure, magic happens.



Travel Hammock: The KING SIZE

  • Weight: 700g
  • Length Hook to Hook: 320cm
  • Width: 230cm
  • Max Load: 200kg
  • Fabric Length: 300cm
  • Breaking Strength: 380kg
Discover the King Size Hammock
Get ready to up your chill game with our King Size Hammock – the ultimate player in the Travel Hammock league. This bad boy isn't just a hammock; it's a whole vibe. Indoors or outdoors, it's your personal chill haven. The King Size Hammock is here to rule your relaxation game, making every other seat in the house jealous.

Unparalleled Comfort for Travelers
Calling all wanderlusters! Say goodbye to cramped quarters and hello to the throne of Travel Hammocks – our King Size wonder. It's not just spacious; it's a comfy cloud on the move. Whether you're beach bumming or forest frolicking, the King Size Hammock has your back, or should we say, your backside. Take your chill to the next level wherever the adventure takes you.

Outdoor Hammocks for Every Environment
Nature lovers, rejoice! Our outdoor hammocks, especially the King Size charmer, are built for the wild. Tough as nails, yet softer than a gentle breeze, these hammocks are your ticket to outdoor bliss. Hang 'em between trees, set 'em up on your patio, or bring 'em to your campsite – the King Size Hammock turns any spot into a chill zone.

Features and Quality Assurance
Let's talk details, because we're all about that hammock swag. The King Size Hammock isn't just big; it's a fortress of comfort. Built to last, it's like the superhero of hammocks – durable, reliable, and ready for action. Trust us, every knot and stitch is a high-five to quality. Elevate your chill sessions with a hammock that's not just a hammock; it's a lifestyle.



Travel Hammock: HONEYMOON Hammock

  • Weight: 1420g
  • Length Hook to Hook: 500cm
  • Width: 300cm
  • Max Load: 300kg
  • Fabric Length: 480cm
  • Breaking Strength: 760kg
Dive Into Adventure with the Honeymoon Hammock by TICKET TO THE MOON 
Ready for a romantic getaway with a twist? The TICKET TO THE MOON Honeymoon Hammock is here to turn that dream into a reality. Not just any hammock, it’s the ultimate pick for those chasing maximum comfort. Imagine something more spacious than a King Size bed, yet easier to set up than our Mammock. Ever thought about adding a mattress inside a hammock? With this one, you'll be pleasantly surprised by such a sensation. Crafted for adventure-loving duos and larger folks who equally adore lounging, this hammock is the ultimate must-have for mixing love with outdoor escapades. Built with top-notch materials, expect deluxe comfort and bulletproof durability. You and your better half can now chill under the stars or soak up the sun, wherever your hearts desire.

TICKET TO THE MOON: The Travel Hammock That's Changing the Game
When it comes to traveling light and living large, the TICKET TO THE MOON Travel Hammock, especially our star player, the Honeymoon Hammock, knows how to do it right. It's the ultimate accessory for couples wanting to sprinkle some magic into their adventures. Coming with our Honeymoon Set, not only do you get our Moon Straps for easy suspension, but also two strong 22 kN Carabiners and a Hammock Sleeve, ensuring a swift, secure setup. Super easy to set up, it turns any spot into a cozy retreat in a blink. Beach, forest, or even your backyard, it's ready to tag along on all your escapade whims.

The Outdoor Hammock by TICKET TO THE MOON: Versatility Champion
Our outdoor hammocks, led by the illustrious Honeymoon Hammock, are here to remind you that life is better in chill mode. Designed to fit all your outings, they're your best pals for enjoying nature without skimping on comfort. Lightweight, durable, and oh-so-stylish, they invite you to fully live each moment, whether it's for a relaxing break or a night under the stars. The spaciousness and ease of installation make it a breeze to bring along, ensuring you can relax in unparalleled comfort wherever you go.

Why Fall for the TICKET TO THE MOON Honeymoon Hammock?
Opting for the Honeymoon Hammock is saying yes to quality moments, suspended between sky and earth. It's not just a hammock; it's your new favorite way to explore the world together. Perfect for lovers of adventure and relaxation, it's the invitation to share unique moments in the most incredible places. And with its durability, plus the added Moon Straps, Carabiners, and Sleeve, get ready to rack up memories for many years to come. It’s ideal for couples and those who appreciate a bit more space and comfort on their adventures.

Join the Tribe of Adventurous Spirits
Getting a TICKET TO THE MOON Honeymoon Hammock is more than just picking up a hammock; it's joining a community that's chosen to live their dreams. Our travel and outdoor hammocks are much more than gear; they're your ticket to adventure, with a hefty dose of style and comfort. Ready to turn every outing into a memorable experience? Then, welcome to the family!



Travel Hammock: MAMMOCK Giant Hammock

  • Weight: 3420g
  • Length Hook to Hook: 800cm
  • Width: 450cm
  • Max Load: 350kg
  • Fabric Length: 780cm
  • Breaking Strength: 980kg
Meet the Mammock Giant Hammock: Your Chill Zone by TICKET TO THE MOON
Hey there! Ready to kick your outdoor hangs up a notch? Enter the Mammock Giant Hammock from TICKET TO THE MOON. This isn't your grandma's hammock; it’s a sprawling haven of chill that redefines what it means to lounge in the great outdoors. Designed for the wanderers, dreamers, and everyone in between, the Mammock is where comfort meets cool on a grand scale. Think of it as your personal relaxation station, ready to amp up your adventure game.

Ultimate Outdoor Hammock: Where Comfort Meets Nature
Got a backyard, a couple of sturdy trees, or a favorite outdoor spot? The Mammock Giant Hammock is about to become your go-to for leveling up your relaxation game. It’s more than an outdoor hammock; it’s your ticket to turning any spot into the coolest hangout. Perfect for anyone who’s ever wished for a bit more wiggle room, this hammock invites you to sprawl, chill, and soak in the vibes of the great outdoors without ever sacrificing an ounce of comfort.

The Mammock: The Travel Hammock You Didn’t Know You Needed
Say goodbye to cramped, uncomfortable travel sleeps and hello to the Mammock Giant Hammock—your new best friend for those epic adventures. This Travel Hammock isn’t just big; it’s gigantic, offering you the luxury of space wherever you roam. Easy to pack and even easier to set up, it’s the ultimate companion for those who love to travel far but lounge even harder. Whether you’re hitting the festival circuit or exploring the wild unknown, the Mammock is your guarantee of comfort on the go.

Why the Mammock Giant Hammock Rocks
Choosing the Mammock Giant Hammock is like opting for first-class in the world of outdoor lounging. It’s for the bold, the fun-loving, and the comfort-seekers. Made with eco-friendly materials and designed to last, it’s your eco-conscious choice for guilt-free relaxation. Perfect for snuggling up with your significant other, hanging out with friends, or enjoying some me-time, the Mammock is all about making your chill moments epic.

Join the Cool Crowd with TICKET TO THE MOON
Jumping into a Mammock Giant Hammock isn’t just about getting a hammock; it’s about joining a tribe of laid-back adventurers. With TICKET TO THE MOON, you’re not just buying a piece of gear; you’re embracing a lifestyle that celebrates the joy of relaxation and the thrill of exploration. So, whether you’re a backyard lounger, a beach bum, or a mountain wanderer, the Mammock Giant Hammock is your invitation to chill in style. Welcome to the family, where every day is a good day to hammock.



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