#3 Rhine Valley

Felix & Patrick (Germany)

My name is Felix, I am 34 years old Hiking Blogger from Cologne Germany. Together with my pal Patrick (also from Cologne) we hike a lot and post articles about our experiences.


Somehow people always think you have to travel far to experience a great adventure.
We love adventures but living in cologne most adventures tend to have a little more city and a little less nature in them. Luckily there are a lot of adventures to be had if you follow the river Rhine a little bit further south to the Rhine Valley, which is partially a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


On our frequent hiking trips along the Rhine we love the challenge to hike up and down steep Vineyards, along some wonderful views and frequent castles on the ridges along the river. About our hiking adventures we love to write on our Blog (wanderzentrale.de).


During one of our hikes on the "Rheinsteig" we thought to ourselves how awesome it would be to have a more cozy way to chill on these trips or even to camp for the night. In our search for a solution we came in contact with TTTM and so our love for hammocks began with the "Lightest Hammock" which accompanies us on every trip and made for so many insanely beautiful unique rests. Now whenever we hike we are looking for the perfect spot to set up our hammocks and enjoy some Riesling or a cold Beer.

No matter how steep the climb or how rough the road, if we see some insane spot to hang - we hang.


Felix & Patrick

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