Couette Lune

Certains climats régionaux sont plus tempérés ou sujets au froid que d'autres. Lorsque la température commence à baisser ou en cas de mauvais temps, notre Moonquilt est la solution parfaite. Cette sous-couette synthétique vous garde au chaud et au sec même dans des conditions difficiles, vous permettant de profiter de votre aventure sans souci.

Vous pouvez également utiliser votre Moonquilt comme sac de couchage après avoir installé votre bivouac. Deux fermetures à glissière et des cordons en caoutchouc réglables offrent une étanchéité exceptionnelle contre les éléments. Le rembourrage de la couette excelle dans le maintien de la chaleur corporelle, vous gardant à la fois en sécurité et à l'aise.

Un sac de compression inclus facilite l'emballage et le transport. Les petites poches d'angle permettent d'organiser les cordons et les mousquetons. Enfin, nous avons équipé la Moonquilt d'une pochette pour garder vos affaires à portée de main.

You can also use your MoonQuilt as a sleeping bag after setting up your bivouac. Two zippers and adjustable rubber cords provide an exceptional seal against the elements. The quilt's filling excels at maintaining body heat, keeping you both safe and comfortable. 
An included compression bag makes packing and carrying easy. Small corner pockets keep cords and carabiners organized. Lastly, we've equipped the MoonQuilt with a pouch to keep your belongings within reach.
  Weight Size
Temp. Range
MoonQuilt 1280g
1120g Quilt + 100g Hood + 60g Storage Bag
5°C to 20°C
MoonQuilt Compact 905g
790g Quilt + 55g Bag + 60g Storage Bag
210x135cm 5°C to 20°C
Pro 650 800g
695g Quilt + 45g Bag + 60g Storage Bag
(115cm in the middle)
2°C to 20°C
Pro 850 855g
750g Quilt + 45g Bag+ 60g Storage Bag
(115cm in the middle)
-2°C to 20°C
  Outer Material Inner Material
MoonQuilt 20D Crinkle Nylon 70D Crinkle Nylon
(Upcycling material from Hammock fabric)
115g/m² 100% RPET Insulation ECODOWN by Thermore®
MoonQuilt Compact 20D Crinkle Nylon 70D Crinkle Nylon
(Upcycling material from Hammock fabric)
115g/m² 100% RPET Insulation ECODOWN by Thermore®
Pro 650 20D Crinkle Nylon Downproof 20D Crinkle Nylon Downproof NHD® Certified in RDS®
(650 fill power; 280g down)
Pro 850 20D Crinkle Nylon Downproof 20D Crinkle Nylon Downproof NHD® Certified in RDS®
(850 fill power; 325g down)

Hammock Accessories: MOON QUILT

The MoonQuilt is a warming all-round talent. It creates a cozy feeling, like lying in a warm cloud in temperatures ranging from 5°C to 18°C. Therefore, you can not only let your soul dangle in your hammock on sunny days but also spend cooler nights in your floating bed, outdoors or indoors. Zippers on the upper side offer you the opportunity to create your own space so you can close yourself off into a warm cocoon. Because of the zipper the MoonQuilt can also be used as a comfortable and roomy sleeping bag in temperatures ranging from 5°C to 10°C. If the night turns out to be milder than expected just use it as a blanket. It is not only multi-functional but with a weight of only 1280g one of the lighter options in this temperature range. Packing is easy with the smart compression bag, which can hold your MoonQuilt, Hammock, Bug Net and suspension, allowing you to set it up and take it down in one go. In the packing bag, which is equipped with compression straps, there is enough space to also carry your hammock. Additionally, at the corners of the MoonQuilt you will find four little pockets to either store the guy lines or candy if used as a sleeping bag or blanket. The shell fabric, as well as the insulation, is tolerant to moisture since it is made from polyester. To sum up, the MoonQuilt is an all-round solution to keep you warm in your hammock but can be very useful as a light sleeping bag or blanket outdoors or even at home.
  • Detachable Hood
  • Machine Washable at 30°C
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Water repellent
  • Underquilt use
  • Blanket use
  • Sleeping bag use (even around the hammock)
  • All-In-One solution

Hammock Accessories: MOON QUILT COMPACT

The MoonQuilt Compact is a minimalistic, yet comfortable and ready-to-use three-season underquilt. Fabricated mainly from recycled materials, it works brilliantly with standard hammocks and our MoonBlankets.