#5 Local exploring

Therese (Norway)

You don’t have to travel the world for magical hiking experiences.

I am a woman, 45 and married with two kids. I have a career and live a normal busy life which leaves me in need of regular timeouts. The simple life of camping is something I love, setting up my bed, building a fire and make a meal in peaceful surroundings. 


My hammock life started in 2018 in my own backyard. From that very first moment I loved it and my immediate goal was becoming a year-round camper. To me that meant at least one venture each month.

I have spent over fifty nights in my hammock and most of those are in the local, urban wilderness. Without much fuss to it, I am literally making use of all the opportunities I have at my doorstep.


In these pandemic times with a home office and very little socializing, these trips have been absolutely necessary to preserve myself and I always return fully charged and happy.

My favorite is hiking at Easter. I put on my snowshoes and go far into the bog for a couple of days, falling asleep under the stars and waking up with the sun on my face while I hear the call of the grouse.



I am always on the lookout for good glamping spots, my hammock and packraft are right there with me whenever I travel.


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