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¿Por qué un boleto a la hamaca de la luna?

Original Quality:

There can only be one original, the first Parachute Hammock. It was back in 1996, when TTTM Founder Charly came across parachute nylon after years of experience with traditional hammocks. Intrigued by the material’s unique qualities, such as low weight, high strength, and amazing compactness; he began his quest to create the ultimate hammock. Over the course of more than 20 years, a team of passionate people come to work for TTTM. They have been perfecting a comfortable yet strikingly simple hammock with a long lifespan.

Compact Pack Size:

Traditional hammocks cannot be folded and stored easily since they use spreader bars, the TTTM parachute hammock has no spreader bars. A parachute hammock is much lighter than a traditional Mayan one. Even though it is more spacious when in use, it is much smaller when stored in its attached express setting bag. The clever bag designs make it easy to fit the hammock in your backpack or hang it from your belt.


The cotton strings of traditional hammocks absorb moisture, making it more susceptible to mold and mildew. The synthetic material of parachute hammocks, on the other hand, is hydrophobic.  Parachute nylon fabric will also see its color fade much slower, but direct sunlight should be avoided. The TTTM Hammocks’ fabric is easy to clean and will not rot.

Safety and Comfort:

The mesh of traditional hammocks is likely to leave impressions on your skin, and fingers and toes can get stuck in the net. The delicate cotton strings can easily snag, so you need to be extra careful when getting in and out. The TTTM hammocks have a sturdy and smooth fabric and a weight limit of 200kg. TTTM Parachute hammocks are elastic and breathable, so they don’t absorb sweat, which cotton hammocks do. The odor this accumulates could attract rodents and other animals. Some people fear hammocks, because they think they will fall out. Indeed, hammocks that use a spreader bar to keep the ends open will easily flip and throw the user to the ground. In TTTM parachute nylon hammocks the fabric is bunched up in a small area at the ends. This creates a cocoon like space that will not flip without the help of your friends! Backflip video on Youtube.

Long Lifespan:

Parachute hammocks have approximately three times the lifespan compared to traditional ones. The TTTM hammock offers great value for money and as the one and only ORIGINAL, its name is synonymous with high durability. You could definitely resell it at a good price, but why would you?

Quick Drying Material:

When traveling as a backpacker you’ll appreciate that a wet nylon hammock holds very little water, whereas a wet cotton hammock will mean a substantial increase in weight.

The TTTM Parachute Hammock is easy to wash cold, by hand or machine, it is designed to withstand the toughest conditions.

¿Necesito un sistema de suspensión para mi hamaca TTTM?

Your hammock comes standard with two stainless steel hooks or aluminum carabiners on each end that you can use to hang your hammock from any mounting point; ropes, straps, or any other anchor you might already have. The suspension systems we sell are the easiest and safest way to hang your TTTM hammock. It only takes around 90 seconds to hang a TTTM hammock with our suspension systems that all follow the same simple principle.

What is the Weight Limit for TTTM Products?

Our hammocks are manufactured with 100% nylon parachute fabric; this makes them lightweight yet extremely strong. The hammocks have successfully passed crash tests exceeding 600 kg / 1200 lbs, but for safety reasons we recommend a maximum load of 200 kg / 440 lbs for all TTTM Hammocks.

How many People fit in a TTTM Hammock?

All hammocks are more comfortable for sleeping one person, except honeymoon, mammock, 420 and 520 Home - each hammock has its own character. The Compact is perfect for beginners who like minimalism and save weight. In comparison, Original size is our best-selling hammock with two combined colors. King Size is designed for taller users and the biggest sleeping comfort.

Do you offer Warranty on your products?

Ticket to the Moon products carry a 10 year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. Defective or damaged products should be returned to us for evaluation and will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. Warranty issues are settled either by replacement or exchange, no credits or refunds will be granted. Rips, burns, tears, and damages due to accidents, normal wear and tear, improper care, miss-use or the natural breakdown, aging of fabric and materials over time and cosmetic issues unrelated to function or safety are not covered by this warranty.

We take great pride in developing the original parachute hammock, selecting the best materials, and crafting to the highest safety and quality standards. While hammocking, please respect that and remember to remove sharp objects as pocket knives, belts, keys, necklaces and earrings. A word of warning concerning animals; they love hammocking too, but their sharp claws can puncture the delicate fabric! UV light will fade the colors of your hammock and can damage to fabric in extreme cases. Long exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided. Consider putting it back in the Express Setting Bag when it is not in use.

For more info and how to claim your warranty, click here

Can I repair my hammock?

Not only are hammocks repairable, we make sure to always stock patches at our factory so you can order them directly from us. We do not want to let our users down, please contact us for further info.
FYI nylon repair patch or nylon repair tape can also be sourced locally!

Can I Make Love in a TTTM Hammock?

Certainly, and you don’t have to be too adventurous either. After a long day of hiking or trekking, a springy branch can even do some of the work for you! The Mayans did it for generations; a little creativity lets you explore many different positions in, on and from your hammock. One TTTM aficionado calls it “the ultimate love swing”. .

Are TTTM Hammocks Breathable?

TTTM hammocks are extremely breathable, therefore you normally stay cool and do not sweat in the hammock. The permeable nylon fabric makes them safe for children. They will not hold water, so even when left in a downpour there is no threat of rot or mildew. However, if the hammock stays moist for a long time, it may develop an odour. This does not affect the tear resistance of the hammock.
How Do You Get in and Out a TTTM Hammock?
First of all, check if the suspension system is secured properly. Facing away from the hammock, slightly spread the material by holding both sides and slowly sit down as the hammocks stretches under the weight. Once you are comfortably seated hold the far side for balance and swing your legs inside. Relax and enjoy the Ticket to the Moon experience! When you are told to get out, swing your legs back out, and once you feet are on safe ground, stand up.
Why is there no Spreader Bar?
Spreader bars make your hammock unstable and heavy, they increase the likelyhood of your hammock flipping. Our hammocks’ length of over three meters eliminates the need for bars. We do admit that a spreader bar makes an empty hammock look very inviting, but would you really want to carry two bars around just for the odd picture here and there?
What is the Point of Using the Hook?
The TTTM stainless hook allows for easy hammock set up with the right balance regardless of the distance between mounting points, especially if you use one of our suspension systems. The hook makes for super easy and safe installation, so you can enjoy your Ticket To The Moon in less than 90 seconds. Hammock setup video on Youtube.

How much Space do I need to Hang my Hammock?
The optimal distance between your anchor points lies between 3 and 4.5 meters. If the distance is shorter, you need to increase the height of the hooks to create a curve. If the trees or structures are further apart, you can use one or several of our suspension systems to bridge the gap. The safest way to hang is no more than 45 cm or 18 in above the ground, just in case the tree gets hit by lighting or your anchors aren’t strong enough. Hammock Hang Calculator on The Ultimate Hang.
Can I use a standard Hammock Frame for my TTTM?
Our Compact, Original and King Size hammocks are all 320 cm long, which makes them a perfect match for standard 10 ft frames. The shorter Mini Hammock and longer Honeymoon and Mammock won't fit though.
Does The Ticket To The Moon Mosquito Net 360° work with all TTTM Hammocks?
Our Mosquito and Bug Net is roomy enough to protect you from insects and pests if you’re using the Mini, Compact, Original or King Size Hammock. However, it is not big enough for the Honeymoon or Mammock, our giant parachute hammocks. The TTTM Hammock Tarp is also designed to easily cover most of our hammocks, again with the exception of the two largest models, Honeymoon and Mammock.
How do I wash my TTTM Hammock?
We recommend washing your hammock either in a front loader or by hand in a bathtub. Remember to remove the hooks or carabiners when washing your hammock (you do not need to undo any knots). Do not tumble dry your hammock.

Machine Wash:

Lay the two ends on top of each other and tie them together. Also tie the other end and the middle together again to prevent the hammock from tangling. Wash the hammock in a securely fastened pillowcase. Use mild detergent, no bleach and choose a gentle laundry program at 30°C. Dry the hammock immediately after rinsing by hanging it up or spreading it on clean ground.

Hand Wash:

Lay the two ends on top of each other and tie them together. Tie the other end and the middle together again to prevent the hammock from tangling. Press your hammock into a bathtub or a large sink with plenty of water and mild detergent (do not use bleach!). Knead and turn the hammock until clean, then rinse thoroughly. Hang the hammock up to dry immediately after washing


Is my order subject to import duties and other fees?

Existen diferentes legislaciones fiscales para diferentes países, las órdenes pueden estar sujetas a tarifas de corretaje y aduanas, así como aranceles de importación. Estamos ocupando todos los costos, no hay más costos involucrados después de su check out en el sitio web.

I just got informed that my shipment is due to tax. What should I do?

Todos los impuestos y aranceles están cubiertos por nosotros. Sin embargo, a veces las oficinas locales pueden cobrar por error. En caso de que haya recibido una solicitud de pago del mensajero, continúe de la siguiente manera:
  • No pague nada
  • Informarles que los impuestos y los aranceles están cubiertos por Ticket To The Moon, y pídales que te envíen la factura
  • Mientras tanto, infórmenos por correo electrónico con la factura para que podamos acelerar el proceso.
Se resolverá en cuestión de días. Lo cuidaremos y debe tener sus productos muy pronto.

Is it safe to buy TTTM products online using a credit card?

Sí. Ticket To The Moon Utiliza Stripe, un sistema seguro de transacciones en línea. Este es un servicio remunerado que cubrimos para proteger a nuestros clientes y su privacidad.

Do you ship Everywhere?

Enviamos todo el mundo, utilizando los mejores servicios de entrega Express de puerta a puerta, FedEx Express para International y JNE para envíos nacionales en Indonesia. TTTM no se envía a P.O. Cajas, ni otros planetas. Altos derechos de importación a algunos países (Grecia, Rusia) hacen que el envío de nuestros productos sea inviable.

How much do shipping and customs charges for my order cost?

Para pedidos internacionales cobramos USD 20 ( +10% del valor del producto) por el envío; El envío dentro de Indonesia es gratuito. Todos los pedidos de más de 170 USD se benefician del envío gratuito. *Cada país aplica diferentes leyes fiscales, las órdenes pueden estar sujetas a tarifas personalizadas o aranceles de importación.

How do I Track my order?

Recibirá un número de seguimiento con su pedido que puede ingresar en el sitio web del servicio de entrega o aquí para ver dónde está su paquete. Fedex Internacional para parcelas internacionales y JNE para órdenes en Indonesia

¿Qué opciones de pago?

En el proceso de pago, puede elegir pagar con tarjeta de débito, tarjeta de crédito o PayPal. TTTM no ofrece la posibilidad de pagar en efectivo en la entrega. Puede comunicarse con nuestro para obtener otras soluciones de pago, como depósitos o transferencias bancarias.

¿Puedo pagar usando PayPal?

Sí, nuestro proveedor de pagos le permite pagar con la mayoría de las tarjetas de débito y crédito y PayPal.
Cuando será enviado mi pedido?
Como fabricante, generalmente podemos confirmar, producir y enviar su pedido el día en que llega el pago. Sin embargo, permita 5 días hábiles para la entrega de la puerta a puerta de International Express, dependiendo de los servicios aduaneros de su país, puede llevar más tiempo.

Preguntas de gestión de pedidos

¿Cómo creo una cuenta?

Haga clic en el enlace "Iniciar sesión" en el lado superior derecho de esta página web. Regístrese completando todos los campos requeridos. Recibirá una confirmación de "activación de la cuenta" por correo electrónico. Si su bandeja de entrada permanece vacía, marque las carpetas de spam o masa.

¿Ya se ha enviado mi pedido?

Haga clic en "Usuario" y luego "Historial de pedidos" para ver si su pedido ha sido enviado.

¿Cómo cambio cantidades o artículos de mi pedido?

Haga clic en el símbolo del carrito de compras y opte por la opción "Cambiar orden". Después de que se haya enviado su pedido, ya no podrá cambiarlo.

¿Cómo rastrogo mi pedido?

Haga clic en el "usuario" y luego en el "historial de pedidos" y si su envío ha sido enviado, puede usar el número de factura de la vía aérea (AWB) que se muestra para rastrear el envío aquí: o para el envío doméstico También recibirá un correo electrónico de confirmación de envío con el número de factura de la vía aérea.

¿Cómo devuelvo o cambio un pedido?

We guarantee your total satisfaction with all Ticket to the Moon products. However, sometimes you need to return or exchange a product for another reason it happens. If you feel like you want to return your Ticket to the Moon product, we offer a full refund for unused products. These unused products must be returned within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. New, unused products must be returned in the condition you received them and with the original box and/or packaging, including manufacturer tags where applicable. Please take the time to carefully package your returns. It is the responsibility of the customer to cover costs related to the repair of returned items damaged in shipping due to improper packaging. If you feel that your hammock gear is eligible for a warranty evaluation by the manufacturer due to defect in its materials or workmanship, contact our Warranty Department: